Daily Update:

May 17! The weather has changed and the strawberries are responding to the sun and warmth, so say we all! We are still projecting a late start date of after June 10. We are working on making the field safe for picking and "social distancing" but are counting on all of you to come prepared to help us make that possible. Be forewarned that might mean a mask is required along with concern for those around you! In the meantime, please stay well and be kind to yourself and those around you!



Thompson-Finch Farm is a family-run fruit farm that specializes in growing certified organic strawberries, blueberries and apples. The farm is known region wide for high quality fruit and our season long "Pick-Your-Own" operation. { read more }


2nd week of June
2nd week of July


July through August Pick Your Own Blueberries


Before coming to the farm, always check our update notice

or call 518-329-7578 for the latest picking conditions.


Courtesy Request:

"Please leave your lovely dogs at home!"


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