Daily Update:

Saturday September 5: We are picked out and closed AND closed for the season. We hope that you all picked all of the berries that you wanted and that the coming season brings you health, acceptance and peace. Thank you so much for picking here this year and abiding by the COVID rules. We feel very lucky that we were able to stay open!! MASKS REQUIRED FOR ALL THE ENTIRE TIME!!! If you have a baby that can be in a snuggly on your chest that is fine but they must stay in the snuggly while in the blueberries. All other humans must wear a mask so if they cant please leave them home and come and pick for them. You can use your boxes that you got here or buy boxes from us but cannot use any other containers for us to weigh your berries. We encourage you to bring your own buckets and belts for picking into and then transferring into boxes. Its a lot easier to pick when both hands are free! Thank you all for your incredible support! We are happy that so many people are enjoying the farm and the berries!!!Please read the RULES :COVID-19 Rules for TFF PYO Masks required as soon as you get out of your car,while waiting in line ,walking on paths or in a tent. Maintain 6 ft. distance in the field if possible and be thoughtful of other people, don't pick on a bush where someone else is picking. Purchase of a new box($1.50/large $1/small)Or you can use one that you got here in the past. We cannot weigh your berries in any other containers. Remember: Always check back here before you get in your car. We repost when we start to get picked out!!! NO DOGS on the premises including in your car. You will be asked to leave so please don't bother trying. It will save you and the management. Cash.credit(Square charge of 2.4%) or check. Please bring JOY. We are expecting a lot of people so that means a lot of JOY! Be kind.

Celebrating Three Decades of Organic Agriculture


Thompson-Finch farm has been in Marnie's family for five generations. We, Don and Marnie, have been cultivating this land since 1982. We started out by growing a wide variety of vegetables and selling to local restaraunts and stores. With our first small field of strawberries, we saw that people yearned to pick their own food and to be connected to the earth and what they eat. As the years passed, our strawberry fields grew to 4.5 acres and our orchard to 1.5 acre; we also added 1 acre of blueberries and one-half acre of raspberries. Our dedicated customers now come from New York and the greater New England region. We are proud of our clean fields and orchards and most importantly you, our most valued and honored customers. You are what keeps us going and striving every year to make your visit to our farm a happy and memorable family outing.

Please bring your like-minded friends and continue to enjoy and honor this land that feeds us. And please, do leave your dogs at home when visiting the farm.

Marnie and Don MacLean



Reducing our energy consumption and perhaps becoming a net energy producing farm is one of our long term goals. As our business grew in the last few years we saw a steady increase in our use of energy, so we started to see if we could turn the tide. So far we have been making our own biodiesel fuel for our tractor and truck using waste oil from some restaurants and a school, refrigerated a walk in cooler with an exciting invention that uses a home air conditioner to cool the room using 60% less electricity and heated a greenhouse with wood heat. Now we have added a solar electric system to our home that should produce about 70% of our electricity. We will see if we can get that up to 100% through conservation.


There are some days that when we process used vegetable oil into biodiesel  our solar panels are the only source of electricity and we still watch our electric meter spin backwards! Then we run our tractor on the biodiesel to plow, plant, cultivate and irrigate our strawberries!  After that the sun in its purest form takes over and ripens them to pure perfection . These are just a few small steps in the right direction... A small step with a smaller footprint!”


Before coming to the farm, always check our update notice

or call 518-329-7578 for the latest picking conditions.



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